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Post-Derby Identity Crisis

It’s been over a month since my last bout. I knew it was time to leave roller derby. The past year had been really difficult for me. No one is ever ready for the stress of serving on the board of their roller derby league. Some people think they may know what it’s going to … Continue reading

Memory is a Funny Thing

It’s amazing how the memory works. Just the other day I was watching an episode of Doctor Who where by a companion simply remembering someone they were brought back into existence. It seems every time I go back to Kansas City I’m reminded of the sadness and hurt I felt when I left. It’s like … Continue reading

Culture of Death

In response to all the shootings and talk about gun control I ask: What are the statistics on public mental health services? How can we reach out to people contemplating harm to themselves or others? How can we as a society emphasize greater value on human life rather than objectifying one another as things to … Continue reading


Once upon a time I lost “everything”: my marriage, my job, and my home; but I had my religion. When someone else loses just one of those things and they behave badly, it makes me really have a WTF moment. I am by no means extraordinary. I cry at almost anything. I complain and whine. … Continue reading

24 to 30

Snow Day! It’s a good thing my Dude and I went to Mass last night instead of today! There was a snow storm here, and it seems most of the city is shut down. Actually, I didn’t even shower until 2:30 PM. 🙂 It was great! Slowing down is something I’ve needed to do for … Continue reading