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I gave these words of encouragement to an acquaintance on the book of faces, and thought it nice enough to record elsewhere. Every day you wake up you get another chance to start again from scratch. Tomorrow can be completely different if you want it to be. Revolution begins inside yourself. I hope you begin … Continue reading

Single Woman

I think every single woman at some point has a moment like Meg Ryan in “The Women” where she’s crying at the kitchen table eating a stick of butter dipped in cocoa powder because mixing ingredients together and baking them is sometimes too hard and too far off. Except, you know, whatever raw ingredients you … Continue reading

Examination of Conscience

Today I: Accidentally locked my cat in the pantry. Nearly got killed by two 18 wheelers who wouldn’t let me merge onto the highway on my way to work. Set up for two Masses because other people fell through, failed to plan, or just assumed I’d be there to do it. Met Garth Brooks’ brother, … Continue reading

Beer Brownies are Best

Friends, there are many many recipes for brownies. We previously discussed my go to recipe from Good Housekeeping. In recentish times I attempted to modify this recipe with Splenda Granulated. Things didn’t go very well. The butter separated from the rest of the batter when it was in the oven. Gross. Even grosser, it soaked … Continue reading


Waking up with a hangover: something most Americans do on the first of January. I am not unlike most Americans in this way. Unlike most Americans who wake up with a hangover on New Year’s day, I woke up at 7:30 AM with the idea I could make my own doughnuts. My favorite doughnut place … Continue reading