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Across the Universe

I’ve been busy. Here are some photos of birthday goodies I made: I also went to New York City for the first time! It was a trip to prove to myself that I could take myself on trips, and that I shouldn’t be sad that XBF Mad Hacker made promises of trips to Mexico, New … Continue reading

Beer Brownies are Best

Friends, there are many many recipes for brownies. We previously discussed my go to recipe from Good Housekeeping. In recentish times I attempted to modify this recipe with Splenda Granulated. Things didn’t go very well. The butter separated from the rest of the batter when it was in the oven. Gross. Even grosser, it soaked … Continue reading

Fudge it All!

Last year about this time (New Year’s), I embarked on a weight loss journey. I did it to fit into my clothes, to be healthier, to skate faster, and to feel better about my body. At one point I had lost 38 pounds this year (71 pounds lighter than I was at my all time … Continue reading

Emergency Chocolate

Emergency Chocolate

Oh man. You know how you can have one of those┬ádays? Like, you leave your gourmet flavored coffee at home, the spinach on your salad is wilted, and you want to use the cord on your mouse to strangle one or many of your coworkers? Yeah. That’s when it’s time for the emergency chocolate stash. … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Goodness

On a momentus occassion such as one’s 60th birthday, their daughter had better step up and host a birthday party. That’s just what I did for my mother. I reserved a room at a local restaurant. I invited almost all her friends. (Later I realized I had forgotten to invite my own god mother. Oops.) … Continue reading