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0 to 30: Today’s the Day!

I called my parents and thanked them for making me. I stopped and bought myself a fancy mocha latte from a local coffee shop that uses real chocolate not syrup. I stopped in the adoration chapel and thanked God for my beautiful life. One of my awesome coworkers gave me a beautiful mug with an … Continue reading

1 to 30

Today is the last day of my twenties. It started off with my alarm not waking me on time. I woke an hour late, but I was still on time to work. Although, I forgot my gym bag. Work was pretty awesome. It was busy, productive, and no one died or cried. Actually, I had … Continue reading

2 to 30

A day of rest! Remember when we were kids, and we didn’t want to take naps. Yah. That was a really lost opportunity. I guess in this time I’ve really learned what my body needs to be at its – well not necessarily best – but not in agony. Being in the car for 30+ … Continue reading

3 to 30

FYI My Dude and I are not sexually active. That being said, we did co-sleep on this trip. It was the greatest thing ever to fall asleep and wake up next to him. I don’t think there’s any thing better than spending every waking moment with someone so special. We were getting ready for the … Continue reading

4 to 30

I woke to the sound of water falling. Apparently the pipe to the faucet on the back porch burst. After calling my cousins, we turned off the water to the house. This is not how I envisioned this birthday retreat weekend going: awful 18 hour drive and burst water pipes. It turned out awesome, though! … Continue reading