Who’s HAM Slamwich?

Hi! I’m HAM Slamwich, a roller girl with a sweet tooth! This blog is about my food adventures and some of my roller derby life. Enjoy!

The Hundredth Sheep

Today’s Gospel reading (Matthew 18:12-14) talks about Jesus the Good Shepard leaving his 99 sheep to go search for the one who wandered off. Every time I hear this metaphor I think about how I’ve been that hundredth sheep. I’ve been the one who had idols (consumerism, food, alcohol, roller derby, and various other things that … Continue reading

Hamanum Excitement

I was feeling really down this morning when I saw the election results, and noticed Missourians voted to hold the governor personally liable for budget deficits and to hold people’s past crimes against them when facing sentencing for a new crime. How are people so vengeful! It’s really sad. Then I noticed Pope Francis is … Continue reading

Post-Derby Identity Crisis

It’s been over a month since my last bout. I knew it was time to leave roller derby. The past year had been really difficult for me. No one is ever ready for the stress of serving on the board of their roller derby league. Some people think they may know what it’s going to … Continue reading

Making Space for God and Skating Away

This past year has been really hard for me as a roller derby skater. I stepped up to serve on the Executive Board of my league as Treasurer, and in that time our league was audited by the state, we discovered that due to past paperwork not being filed we had lost our corporation status, … Continue reading