Who’s HAM Slamwich?

Hi! I’m HAM Slamwich, a roller girl with a sweet tooth! This blog is about my food adventures and some of my roller derby life. Enjoy!

Memory is a Funny Thing

It’s amazing how the memory works. Just the other day I was watching an episode of Doctor Who where by a companion simply remembering someone they were brought back into existence. It seems every time I go back to Kansas City I’m reminded of the sadness and hurt I felt when I left. It’s like … Continue reading

March for Human Dignity

My mind can never take the direct route. There’s always a string of thoughts that lead to a conclusion. Today I was reading about the March for Marriage in Washington D.C. and the National Catholic Reporter noted it was a lead up to the USCCB Fortnight for Freedom. Well what the heck is the Fortnight … Continue reading

Culture of Death

In response to all the shootings and talk about gun control I ask: What are the statistics on public mental health services? How can we reach out to people contemplating harm to themselves or others? How can we as a society emphasize greater value on human life rather than objectifying one another as things to … Continue reading


“There is evil in this world.” -Maleficent There is a homeless man I’ve seen around town. I’ve spoken with him, learned his name, where he and his family is from, and given him whatever money I had so he could eat. While sitting at church this past Pentecost Sunday, the preacher had mentioned letting the … Continue reading


Once upon a time I lost “everything”: my marriage, my job, and my home; but I had my religion. When someone else loses just one of those things and they behave badly, it makes me really have a WTF moment. I am by no means extraordinary. I cry at almost anything. I complain and whine. … Continue reading