Who’s HAM Slamwich?

Hi! I’m HAM Slamwich, a roller girl with a sweet tooth! This blog is about my food adventures and some of my roller derby life. Enjoy!


Once upon a time I lost “everything”: my marriage, my job, and my home; but I had my religion. When someone else loses just one of those things and they behave badly, it makes me really have a WTF moment. I am by no means extraordinary. I cry at almost anything. I complain and whine. … Continue reading

0 to 30: Today’s the Day!

I called my parents and thanked them for making me. I stopped and bought myself a fancy mocha latte from a local coffee shop that uses real chocolate not syrup. I stopped in the adoration chapel and thanked God for my beautiful life. One of my awesome coworkers gave me a beautiful mug with an … Continue reading

1 to 30

Today is the last day of my twenties. It started off with my alarm not waking me on time. I woke an hour late, but I was still on time to work. Although, I forgot my gym bag. Work was pretty awesome. It was busy, productive, and no one died or cried. Actually, I had … Continue reading

2 to 30

A day of rest! Remember when we were kids, and we didn’t want to take naps. Yah. That was a really lost opportunity. I guess in this time I’ve really learned what my body needs to be at its – well not necessarily best – but not in agony. Being in the car for 30+ … Continue reading

3 to 30

FYI My Dude and I are not sexually active. That being said, we did co-sleep on this trip. It was the greatest thing ever to fall asleep and wake up next to him. I don’t think there’s any thing better than spending every waking moment with someone so special. We were getting ready for the … Continue reading