Who’s HAM Slamwich?

Hi! I’m HAM Slamwich, a roller girl with a sweet tooth! This blog is about my food adventures and some of my roller derby life. Enjoy!

March for Human Dignity

My mind can never take the direct route. There’s always a string of thoughts that lead to a conclusion. Today I was reading about the March for Marriage in Washington D.C. and the National Catholic Reporter noted it was a lead up to the USCCB Fortnight for Freedom. Well what the heck is the Fortnight … Continue reading

Culture of Death

In response to all the shootings and talk about gun control I ask: What are the statistics on public mental health services? How can we reach out to people contemplating harm to themselves or others? How can we as a society emphasize greater value on human life rather than objectifying one another as things to … Continue reading


“There is evil in this world.” -Maleficent There is a homeless man I’ve seen around town. I’ve spoken with him, learned his name, where he and his family is from, and given him whatever money I had so he could eat. While sitting at church this past Pentecost Sunday, the preacher had mentioned letting the … Continue reading


Once upon a time I lost “everything”: my marriage, my job, and my home; but I had my religion. When someone else loses just one of those things and they behave badly, it makes me really have a WTF moment. I am by no means extraordinary. I cry at almost anything. I complain and whine. … Continue reading

0 to 30: Today’s the Day!

I called my parents and thanked them for making me. I stopped and bought myself a fancy mocha latte from a local coffee shop that uses real chocolate not syrup. I stopped in the adoration chapel and thanked God for my beautiful life. One of my awesome coworkers gave me a beautiful mug with an … Continue reading